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Learn chess today

Chess has been played for over 1,400 years and enjoyed by many great thinkers. Much like riding a bike, a good foundational understanding of chess will serve you for your entire life. Whether you are considering playing tournaments or simply want to build a strong foundation as a beginner, we are here to help with your chess journey.

Beginner Coaching

Much like any sport, building good habits is crucial to your long-term success. It is much more efficient to learn correctly than to unlearn bad habits.

Tactical Awareness

Every lesson includes a selection of tactical puzzles tailored to your skill level. Identifying patterns during practice is crucial to being able to capitalize on advantages in your games.

Tournament Preparation

Are you looking to get involved with tournaments over the board? We can help you prepare your opening repertoire, analyze your opponent and coach a proper mindset.

Image courtesy of Michal Vrba

Youth/Young Adult lessons

It is never too early to learn chess. In 2019, Abhimanyu Mishra became the youngest ever Grandmaster at age 12. Start your journey today!

Adult Beginners

It is a cliché, but it truly is never too late to learn chess. Surprisingly, it only takes a few hours of diligent study to beat most people at chess. Want to hold your own the next time someone whips out a chess board? We have you covered.

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Image courtesy of Tanner Mardis

Adult Lessons

Do you want someone to challenge you to improve? Do you want custom lessons, tactics, homework and tournament prep? We are here for you!

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Let’s work together to improve your chess

Lessons can be held in person in Walnut Creek and surrounding area, or online on Zoom.