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What’s in a lesson?

Our chess lessons begin with an introductory talk about skill level, motivations and opening choice (if applicable). The first lesson for non-beginners opens with a game in order to assess your understanding of chess and identify growth opportunities. Following this, chess lessons vary greatly in content depending on the student. We typically mix in the following:

Tactics training
Game analysis
Instructional games
Opening preparation
Homework (only if you want it!)
Mindset coaching

If you found yourself rolling your eyes at the last offering, I can’t blame you. However, playing chess in your pajamas or with some friends is a fun time; Playing a game in a tournament with someone of equal skill is HARD WORK. Our lessons aim to address any points that can be improved holistically and not simply drill you with puzzles.


Please contact me in order to discuss pricing. Lesson rates differ depending on skill level and package pricing is available.